Trump Says Police Brutality Should Be Part Of Normal Police Work, Officers Should Not Be Afraid To Hurt The People They Are Arresting

Speaking to law enforcement officers, Trump praised the aggressive tactics of Immigration Officers and suggested that Police shouldn’t protect the heads of handcuffed suspects being put in the back of a car.

“When you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon. You see them thrown in rough. I said, “Please don’t be too nice,” Trump said to applause, referring to officers shielding prisoners’ heads with their hands.

“Like, don’t hit their head and they have just killed somebody. I said, ‘You can take the hand away, OK?”

Some of the Police officers laughed and applauded as Trump said this. But this is not a laughing matter. Trump’s ignorance and incendiary remarks will only further drive a wedge between the already suspicious public and the Police. Such ignorant remarks can easily endanger the lives of suspects being arrested but also will make Police work difficult. If suspects know they are going to be brutalised by the Police, they are probably going to be killed while being arrested then they are going to resist arrest by any means possible.

And if Trump says immigration officials arresting suspects should use all necessary brutal force by arresting “these thugs” then it shows that Trump has no grasp at all of the law or even of basic human decency.

Does he mean people being arrested of minor traffic offences should be subjected to torture? And even with criminal offences, the law takes precedence. Trump should not be playing the Public against the Police. He should let America’s legal system take charge.

At a time when the black community has been singled out, racially profiled and seen young black men harmed, shot and killed by the Police during routine stop and search, arrests and traffic stops, Trump should retract his words. The President of the United States cannot simply say thugs should be hurt and killed by the Police, then go ahead and speak like a thug and use the language of thugs.

Donald Trump is a demagogue and should be ashamed of his reactions. Several police departments have disagreed with his speech to Police Officers.

The head of the New York City agency tasked with investigating complaints against officers said: “President Trump’s comments fly in the face of the responsibility our city’s Police officers display in the line of duty, Maya Wiley said.

“But for many in our communities in our city, President Trump’s comments only stoke fears of interacting with officers. President Trump’s speech today was shameful, dangerous and damages the progress our city has made toward improving police-community relations.”