Sean Spicer, Priebus Secretly Planning Mike Pence’s Inauguration As Impeachment Rumors Intensify In Washington

Sean Spicer and fired chief of Staff Priebus are to make a dramatic comeback in the new administration as speculation mounts about Trump’s impeachment. This will be a major surprise and a dramatic turn of events since the duo were humiliated and ejected from the White House just a week ago.

There have been reports that Vice President Mike Pence is preparing for the possible impeachment and the Republican Party has been looking at “Plan B”. These reports follow the withdrawal of Speaker Paul Ryan from the public eye since the Russia probe intensified following revelations that Donald Trump Jr had met with a Russian lawyer to gather damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump Jr and Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner have since both become “persons of interest” in the Russia probe. Jared Kushner has been interviewed by the Senate Intelligence Committee and so will Trump Jr be interviewed. The duo however has made a deal with the Justice Department to avoid a public hearing and instead be interviewed in a closed door session.

Political insiders have been watching Trump’s inner circle, following Attorney General Sessions’ recusal from the Russia probe and saying that is a sign that Sessions does not want to be a part of a very complex investigation that could have serious legal implications.

Paul Ryan has also distanced himself from the Russia probe over the past few weeks and has not publicly defended Trump concerning the Russia probe as was expected.

Vice President Mike Pence has also not publicly made a statement supporting Trump on Russia as was expected and this is why political pundits say he is distancing himself from the Russia probe.

Mike Pence’s office insist that they will only comment on issues relating to when Mike Pence joined Trump’s campaign and not before. The Russia probe goes way back in the campaign from before when Pence joins Trump as his Vice Presidential pick. Other major news sites have covered this story in detail

President Trump has warned special Counsel Muller not to investigate his family’s finances.