North Korea Confirm They Can Now Hit Washington DC And Other Major US Cities With Nuclear Powered Missiles If Trump Provokes Them

North Korea has successfully tested their Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) which are nuclear powered and capable of hitting anywhere in the world. In a further escalation of war of words with Trump’s administration, North Korea’s State owned News TV Station confirmed that these new missiles were tested can hit any major cities in the United States.

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has been at logger heads with Donald Trump since the latter took power in January. The 35 year old North Korean leader says he will not back down from Trump’s aggression and will use his nuclear powered missiles if Trump provokes him further.

Trump has urged China and Russia to rein in North Korea but neither is interested in a confrontation with the volatile, youthful and trigger-happy Kim Jong Un who insists that he will only use his nuclear weapons only for self-defence. He has repeatedly warned Trump to back off from his activities in South Korea.

The US military has deployed war ships and fighter jets in South Korea in an act of defiance towards North Korea but this has further upset Kim Jong Un who says he wants all US troops out of the Korean peninsula.

Trump has in the past claimed that he is willing to rein in North Korea using any means possible and this has led North Korea to accuse Trump of threats and war mongering.

A few months ago, at the height of the Trump-Russia probe, North Korea released an official statement saying that Trump was willing to start a nuclear war with North Korea to “distract from the domestic problems he (Trump) was facing back home.

If nuclear war between North Korea and the United States broke out, it would be all Trump’s fault.

Millions of Americans are concerned about the aggression between North Korea and Trump and would rather the situation is solved diplomatically.