Evangelical Preacher Jim Bakker SLAMS Liberals, Says Trump Is Right About The Transgender Ban In The Military

Evangelical preacher Jim Bakker has waded into Trumps ban on transgenders serving in the military, saying that Trump is right and those who criticize him on the issue are living in denial of “real facts.”

Jim Bakker, an influential Evangelical preacher with a huge following in America and spent several years in jail for fraud and other financial crimes said that those who are criticizing Trump have not looked into the matter closely or even analysed it.

“It is very easy for people to criticize their leaders, it easy for people to claim to be righteous but if they were to recognise that leadership is given by God and that we should listen to our leaders, then America would be a much better place than it is,” he said to a group of Christians in his sermon entitled Seven Days of Glory.

Mr Bakker claimed that transgender and gay issues are all addressed in the Bible and anyone who needs further understanding should read the Bible clearly and they will get the guidance they need.

“There’s no book as accurate and knowledgeable as the Bible. I tell young people every day that all the wisdom and knowledge they need to live fulfilling and happy lives can be found in this one book,” he added.

Jim Bakker and other Evangelical Christians fully support Trump and it is believed the Evangelicals played a big role in Trump’s rise to power.