Anthony Scaramucci Was Warned Repeatedly To Choose Between His Wife And Trump, He Chose Trump And That’s Why America Will Not Stand With Him Through The Divorce

The news that Trump’s new Press Secretary Anthony Scaramucci has been dumped by his wife did not surprise many in Washington Political circles as this was expected to happen following Scaramucci’s acceptance of Trump’s offer to join his administration.

Scaramucci was warned repeatedly by his wife not join Trump’s administration according to sources familiar to the issues. Scaramucci’s wife is not a fan of Trump and detests Trump’s treatment of women and highly divisive politics.

Scaramucci’s wife Diedre Ball was said to have been furious and disappointed last year when Trump’s Access Hollywood tape was leaked in which the then Presidential candidate was bragging about “grabbing women by the p*ssy”. Her husband tried to defend Trump at the time saying it was just locker room talk but she wouldn’t have any of it. According to sources, she was angry for days.

Her husband promised her that after that incident, Trump would change and become a more mature and responsible individual and would not say such things as “grabbing women by the p*ssy” again.

It didn’t take long and Trump was it again, unloading on then Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly, calling her ugly and saying “she was bleeding from wherever!” Again Scaramucci defended him saying that Trump is a good man who only fights back when offended.

Then a few months ago he attacked MSNBC’s Morning Joe presenters in the worst possible way, saying that Mika went to interview him in Florida when “she was bleeding from a face lift!” That comment caused uproar and Trump refused to apologise, instead enlisting his wife Melania to defend him. Melania defended him saying that Trump was only fighting back to defend himself.

Again, Scaramucci kept on saying that Trump is a wonderful and gracious man but his wife was at this point totally fed up but nothing prepared her for what happened next. It was her worst nightmare unfolding right there in Washington. Her husband did not even tell her what was happening or inform her.

She just turned on her TV to see her husband standing next to Trump at the White House smiling for the cameras. And then Trump went onto the podium and announced Anthony Scaramucci as the new White House Press Secretary. And shortly after, Scaramucci spoke spoke at his first White House Press Conference, praising Trump as “a genuine and wonderful human being.” That was it.

Washington political sources say that Anthony Scaramucci’s wife hated her husband’s “naked political ambition” and felt that her husband should not work for anyone like Trump. She does not believe in policies like the border wall, Obamacare repeal, Cuba embargoes, withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Accord, Transgender ban in the military and Trump’s personal opinions and treatment of women.

Anthony Scaramucci has said he will sue anyone who comments about his divorce.