Donald Trump Said To Be Very UNHAPPY About The August Issue Of ROLLING STONE And Here’s The Reasons Why……….

Donald Trump is said to be very unhappy about the August issue of Rolling Stone Magazine which is expected to be their most popular and most sold issue of this year so far featuring Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This upcoming issue of Rolling Stone is expected to be a collector’s edition with many orders from Canada and Britain. The heading is: Why Can’t Justin Trudeau Be Our President?

The dashing Justin Trudeau graces the cover of Rolling Stone dressed in a way that Trump cannot replicate unless he starts working out daily at the gym and watching his diet (This is another complicated matter as he hates to exercise and loves fast food and drinking sugary drinks.)

Washington Insiders say that Rolling Stone’s latest issue is a snub to Donald Trump and that the fact the Magazine insists that Justin Trudeau is the leader of the free world will be seen by Trump and all Republicans as a total blow below the belt since “Leader of the free world” is a title that has for long been reserved for a sitting American President.

Also, it is worth noting that Justin Trudeau is more popular than Trump on the global scene.  Trudeau is as popular as Barack Obama at his peak. He is younger than Trump; he is good looking, well spoken, stylish, very popular and charming. All these are qualities that many experts claim Trump is missing.

Another reason Trump will be unhappy about this issue of Rolling Stone Magazine is the fact that he has wanted to be on the cover of the popular magazine for long but the editors of Rolling Stone have kept putting it off. Trump loves power, popularity and he thought being on the cover of such a popular magazine would be a great win for him and a real endorsement.

Instead, Rolling Stone has gone on to endorse Justin Trudeau. Trump will surely be unhappy about this. He believes the title of “leader of the free world” should belong to him but unfortunately since Barack Obama left the White House, the title has gone to Justin Trudeau and the runner up for the title is French President Emmanuel Macron. So this leaves Trump in third or even fourth position.

It is not yet known if Trump will make up his own Rolling Stone Magazine cover as he has in the past been known for having TIME magazine covers of his own made and hung at his golf resorts.

Already, mock ups and memes of Trump’s Rollin Stone Magazine covers are being made and circulated online.

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