Trump’s CRINGEWORTHY Speech To Scouts’ Jamboree BACKFIRES Badly As Parents Give Him A Piece Of Their Mind

Trump’s controversial speech at a Scouts Jamboree that soon turned into something similar to his trademark rallies has backfired badly as the parents of the teenage scouts the President spoke to have finally come forward to say that Trump’s words and his speech were wholly inappropriate and uncalled for.

The Scouts Jamboree is held every four years and drew about 35,000 Scouts from ages 12 to 18 to the event in West Virginia.

Trump had started off his speech by claiming he will follow the Association’s guidelines of steering clear of Politics.

Then a few minutes later he was ranting about his Electoral College victory, about Hillary Clinton and about Barack Obama. He candidly talked about the night he won the Electoral College vote but steered clear of mentioning the popular vote.

Then he attacked his fellow politicians in Washington and in typical fashion, used foul and derogatory language.

“Washington is a cesspool,” he said and continually tried to work the Scouts into frenzy like he always does at his rallies. Soon the naive and excited teenagers were being manipulated into responding to his political rhetoric.

Phrases common with Trump rallies were soon heard through the audience. Reporters heard shouts of “lock her up” and “build the wall” which have become trade-marks of Trump rallies.

“Done with the scouts after you felt the need to have my kid listen to a liar stroke his ego” wrote one parent.

Another parent wrote: “wow! This is what you are teaching the Boy Scouts? To be disrespectful to a past President that had been a Boy Scout, unlike the current President. Completely disrespectful!”

“My son did not join the Scouts to be used as a political prop,” wrote another parent on Twitter.

The Boy Scouts of America has issued a statement saying “it is non-partisan and does not promote any one position, product, service, political candidate or philosophy.”

It said the invitation of Trump to speak to the Scouts Jamboree was “a long standing tradition and in no way an endorsement of any political party or policies.”