Trump Wants To Give Himself A PRESIDENTIAL PARDON If Things Get Rough. Do You Support Him? Yes or No?

Trump is prepared to play hard ball. If the Russia probe bites harder, he is exploring ways to give himself a Presidential pardon. He tweeted about it and this means he has been discussing it with his lawyers.

His lawyers must be unhappy about this because he has tweeted out their back up plan and removed the element of surprise which is always important in legal manouvres. Now, everyone in America knows that Trump is considering giving himself a Presidential pardon and has even tweeted about it.

Already, lawyers and legal experts across America are digging out their law books to see if this is not illegal in itself.

According to The New York Times, President Trump on Saturday asserted the “complete power to pardon” relatives, aides and possibly even himself in response to investigations into Russia’s meddling in last year’s election, as he came to the defense of Attorney General Jeff Sessions just days after expressing regret about appointing him.

By tweeting about “his powers” to pardon himself, his family and staff, he is already sending a message to America that he is exploring that option. But again, this will pose all sorts of legal implications. Lawyers have already looked at his “Presidential pardon tweets” and some have said that should he reach a point of pardoning himself, his family and staff, that will be an expression of guilt itself because why would an innocent person need a Presidential pardon?

Trump’s son and son-in-law are both part of the Russia probe into the Russia collusion claim although the whole of Trump team dismisses any talk of collusion as “fake news.”  However, the emails and correspondence of Donald Trump Jr and a Russian lawyer who was alleged to be working for the Kremlin by the time they met may actually intensify the collusion claims.

Trump Jr met this lawyer well aware that she had damaging information about Hillary Clinton and also that that she was working for the Russian Government as Trump Jr’s contact had explained in the email exchange.

At this point, it is hard to know which direction this investigation will swing but the fact that Trump’s most trusted Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already recused himself from the probe may mean it’s more serious than Trump would admit.

Trump was counting on Jeff Sessions to oversea the Russia probe but the Attorney General who was grilled by Senate several weeks ago seems to be wanting to distance himself from the Russia Collusion claims and investigation. By Sessions refusing to help Trump, the case will be harder for the Trump team