British Far Right Groups Say They Rather Eat Trump’s Chlorine Washed Chicken Than Halal As Nigel Farage Says UK Will Benefit More In UK-US Trade Deal

British Far Right groups have waded into the UK- US trade policy and said they will support Trump in all his endeavors and look to Nigel Farage for advice and guidance.

Callers on Nigel Farage’s LBC radio show hailed the US-UK trade deal claiming that it was a turning point in the special relationship and also the lifting of EU restrictions and “red tape” would make business flourish in the UK.

But when challenged on the issue of food standards and food safety concerns regarding the lifting of EU regulations that will see America bringing in Chlorine washed chickens to be sold and consumed in the UK, UKIP members went on the defensive and claimed that the chlorine washed chicken was safe to consume and that Americans consume it daily without any problems.

Writing on Nigel Farage Appreciation Blog, Edgar Joseph claimed that the chlorine washed chicken was a good thing for Britain and it will help bring down the costs of food as UK supermarkets face competition from American poultry farmers.

“Every year, food prices continue to sky rocket but the wages are the same or even being reduced and people laid off. The supermarket prices at the moment are so high and some people in Britain sleep hungry. So this chlorine washed chicken that has been consumed by millions of Americans for so many years will be welcome. It will bring down the high costs of feeding families. And in any case, I’d rather have chlorine washed chicken than eat halal which is becoming a norm in Britain,” he wrote.

A Right wing Facebook Group had a poll last night asking its members whether they would prefer Chlorine washed chicken or Halal and 89% were in favour of Chlorine washed chicken.

Nigel Farage meanwhile defended the trade deal but refused to answer if he would eat the chlorine washed chicken, instead saying that it was time for Britain “to open up its markets fully to the Americans.”

He claimed that the European Union had been “ripping us off for so long and we should close that chapter and start another with the Americans.”

Trade with America will be one of the best things that ever happened to Britain, he claimed.