British Celebrity And Gun Lover Faces Backlash After Shooting And Killing 100 Foxes, Then posting PICS On Twitter (Warning: Graphic Content)

Vinie Jones, a Conservative gun lover who supports Theresa May’s controversial policy of fox hunting faced backlash on Twitter after he shot and killed 100 foxes then posted the images on his Twitter account.

The backlash was immediate that it is expected that the former footballer and celebrity is to hire a Public Relations firm to manage the fallout from the fox hunting controversy.

Fox hunting is a popular “sport” for the British Conservatives and right wing types who say that hunting and shooting down foxes is a humane form of pest control.

In the last general election, UK Prime Minister Theresa May was campaigning to push for laws restricting fox hunting to be relaxed so as to “control the population of foxes.”

The Liberals however reject fox hunting and say it’s very inhumane and that should there be a need to control the population of foxes then it should be done by sterilising the foxes so their breeding is limited.

Above: Jones with his friends

Vinie Jones has in the past boasted about his fox hunting skills and said he enjoys shooting animals. In an interview with the Shooting Times Magazine, he bragged that:

‘Lamping is probably my favourite. “I’ve spent a lot of money on customising my Land Rover for lamping. If the farmer has a fox problem I love going out and dealing with it for him.’

He added: “My perfect day would be to get up early, get the hide out, shoot pigeons all day, bagging 200, then go lamping all night and get half-a-dozen foxes.”

He has also posed for pictures shooting lots of rabbits and other animals. His Twitter account was immediately flooded with messages from many people asking him what particularly makes him feel good about killing animals.

Animal Rights activists have branded him a cruel and insensitive man who has no respect for nature but only wants to satisfy his “blood lust.”