Chlorine Washed Chicken And other Dubious Products Banned By The EU Will Be Allowed Into Britain To Appease Trump In The New UK-US Trade deal

Products and foods banned by the European Union due to poor quality standards and safety concerns will be allowed into the UK as part of the new US-UK trade deal that will dictate that Britain lowers its standards to accommodate products that will be shipped into the UK in massive quantities.

Chlorine washed chicken will be part of the trade deal to accommodate and let in America into the British poultry market. Chlorine washed chickens will be legally sold in the UK supermarkets and wholesalers under the new rules outside of the EU.

The European Union maintains high and rigorous standards and does not allow the importation of chlorine washed chickens, genetically modified foods or other products that fail to meet the EU standards.

Britain will be expected to loosen up standards and fall in line with the US standards which are pretty relaxed.

Britons who are wary of chlorine washed chicken and are very health conscious have been branded “health nuts” by a source close to the Government and it is said a source close to Liam Fox, the trade secretary said that “There’s no need for concern or worries since the Americans have been eating this chlorine washed chicken for so long and are perfectly safe.”

Liam Fox dismissed the question when asked if he himself would eat the chlorine washed chicken.

The UK-US trade deal is expected to create many jobs and bring in immense wealth according to Government sources.

The United States will also signed trade deals with the European Union but the rather than demand the EU to lower standards, American products heading to the European Union will be expected to be meeting the EU standards and specifications.

Trump failed to gain an upper hand while dealing with the EU. Trying to play country by country, he insisted on a trade deal with Germany as a single country only for Angela Merkel to insist that there was no deal with Germany; the deal is with the EU. So Trump will have to deal with the EU as a block and not cherry pick country by country.

And the EU standards will not be compromised or watered down to please Trump. Europe is maintaining an upper hand in deals with the US.