The SIMPSONS Predicted A Trump Presidency 16 Years Ago, It Was A Warning To America But No One Paid Attention!

16 years ago, writer Dan Greaney and The Simpsons creators accurately predicted the Trump presidency, complete with Paid supporters as the case we saw on Trump’s visit to Poland and chaotic demonstrations across the United States.

It was not just comedy and for laughs, this was a chilling warning to America but no one paid much attention. At the time, Trump was just a brash arrogant billionaire and TV celebrity and few people even thought he could ever become President.

The episode was called Bart to the Future which depicted Lisa Simpson elected to the Presidency after a disastrous Trump Presidency had wrecked America and tanked the US economy.

When the episode debuted on TV, it became a hit and was seen as good for laughs and comedy. The millions of viewers across America had no idea that what they were watching on one of their favourite cartoon shows was going to become reality.

But these predictions went only so far. The creators of the Simpsons didn’t expect the Trump Presidency to become a disgrace and chaotic as it has become.

Greaney, the writer and one of the producers of the episode said: “The Trump we wrote was kind of a lovable, over the top character and didn’t have this darkness. There’s nothing in the episode about walls, or rounding up Mexicans or Islamophobia. You’d expect that he’d build giant monuments to himself but you wouldn’t expect that the first thing would be a wall.”

During the 2016 Presidential elections, there was wide speculation that Trump had hired people in crowds to cheer for him and that there were thousands or even more paid Trump supporters planted strategically at rallies. Trump claims he never did that. But on his recent trip to Poland, thousands of paid Polish Trump supporters were bussed in from the countryside to the capital Warsaw where he made a speech.

The episode on Simpsons shows supporters with “Paid” signs and placards so that was another accurate prediction.

Trump has repeatedly refused to comment on The Simpsons episode. He says his main focus is to improve the lives of Americans and to make America great again.

Trump’s ratings have tanked since his trip to the G20 in germany and there have been reports that he regrets his decision to withdraw America from the Paris Climate Change Accord.