BRITAIN: Prince George Turns FOUR! Please Comment HAPPY BIRTHDAY And SHARE It Forward

A happy birthday to Prince George! The beautiful cheeky smile, the golden wavy blonde hair, the piercing eyes, this is a four year old having a time of his life- enjoying his childhood as years ahead will be more serious to prepare him to be King.

His Parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released the birthday portrait on his birthday. We love the birthday portrait (The birthday portrait is the picture of the prince in the striped shirt) Prince George, like his dad William will grow up to be one of the most photographed and watched men on earth. Yes, if you are a royal, the paparazzi and fans do their best to get a photo at any opportunity, they will wait at the gates, wait outside the hotel, wait at functions and ceremonies.

The good thing is the Prince will grow up and be trained and will be ready to take it in his stride.

Play time is necessity. The Prince is surely having a ball this summer and pictures show him running around, playing on a swing and definitely having a great time. Play time is a necessity if you are a royal. The royal boys know how to play and party. His dad William and uncle Harry are polo players and horse riding fanatics. And oh, Harry loves to hit the clubs with his pals in London and have drinks and dance away the night!

The royals are stylish as you can imagine but Prince George looks sharp in this photo above. The checkered shirt, shorts and smart shoes! George’s sister Charlotte looks smart too in pink. And the parents are stylish as always.

Prince George feeding his dog Lupo with ice cream in the hot summer days! Don’t we all love dogs!

A happy birthday to prince George and may he have a great time !

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