NAACP: Trump Has Turned His Back On The African American Community After using The Black Community Leaders For A Photo Op, Refuses Invitation To Speak At Annual Convention

The message from Trump is loud and clear; he has neither time nor the interest to engage with the African American community beyond photo opportunities and votes. And for the votes, his base of supporters consisting largely of White Supremacists and right wing Evangelicals are enough to help him hold the balance of power, unless of course the Russia probe damages his credibility beyond repair or if a powerful contender comes up in 2020 and denies him a second term.

Last week, Trump declined an invitation to speak at this year’s NAACP convention in Baltimore. He will not even send a representative to speak on his behalf and convey his message. NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored people) is the influential non profit organisation that has for civil rights in Africa since the 1960s . Even last year, while running for President, he declined to speak at the NAACP convention, citing a busy schedule. All other Republican Presidential candidates have always found time in their busy schedules to speak at the NAACP conventions. John McCain and Mitt Romney both gave addressed the NAACP conventions when they ran against Barack Obama for President.

Now it’s time for the African American community to look at Trump the man, look at his rhetoric, his far right beliefs and policies and understand that he simply cannot align with or understand the struggles of minority groups. For a President who has failed to speak out against the countless Police shootings of African American men, the mass incarceration of blacks, and the poverty and lack of opportunity in the black communities, it’s even unbelievable that members of the African American community believed his promises, turned their backs on the Democratic party and voted for Trump.

In 2016, former US President Barack Obama hit the campaign trail to support Hillary Clinton and urged the African American community to back Hillary. In those campaigns that were very divisive, Trump took advantage of the situation and appealed to the African American community, tapping into the black Christian Evangelicals.

His pitch to the African Americans was a total con; he said: “The Democratic Party has been in power for so long in America, and they have done nothing for the African American community.” He blamed the Democrats for their policies that were letting down African Americans, and promised to fix everything if he won the Presidency.

Many African Americans who had been disenfranchised with the Democratic Party thought they can take a chance with Trump. They did, and they have lost.