Trump Is A Genuine Wonderful Human Being, Says New White House Press Secretary Anthony Scaramucci. Do You Agree? Yes or No?

Anthony Scaramucci, the new white house press secretary made his debut yesterday and immediately heaped praise on the president saying ” I love the president and its an honour to be here. He is genuinely a wonderful human being”.

Mr Scaramucci who has no previous experience in communications and little experience in government is taking over from disgruntled White House press secretary Sean Spicer who has slowly fallen out with the Trump administration for the past several months.

We can gladly prove that we were the first news site to report that Sean Spicer was going to be forced out by Trump a few months ago. If Sean Spicer had been following our news reports, he would have had enough time to prepare for this exit and maybe line up another better job. It’s disgusting how Trump continues to treat his loyal staff and it’s painful to see how Sean Spicer career in the White House has ended after he tirelessly defended Trump day in day out.

This has been a long time coming and indeed on Trump’s first foreign trip, we reported how Trump had mistreated Sean Spicer, denying the devout Catholic a chance to meet the Pope. Then again, Trump and Banon had started bullying Sean Spicer about his suits and style. Still Sean Spicer went on to work diligently and support Trump on even the most controversial policies like the Border wall, the health care repeal, travel bans, withdrawal of the US from the climate change accord.

So it was a surprise yesterday when a new press secretary made his debut and immediately claimed that Trump is a wonderful human being. Now this is up for discussion.

Do you agree that Trump is a wonderful human being? Yes or No?