The Devil’s Bargain: Trump And Steve Bannon Should Be Ashamed Of How They Have Mistreated Sean Spicer

The way Trump and Steve Bannon have treated Sean Spicer is an indication of everything that’s wrong with the Republicans in power today and generally “Republican Values.”

Sean Spicer has been forced out of his job at the White House but he should have seen this coming. We even reported this months ago and warned that he should prepare for his exit.

Now, It doesn’t matter what your politics are, human beings should be treated with respect but the way Trump and Steve Bannon have treated Sean Spicer from the day he joined the White House Communications Department until his forced resignation should tell us all we need to know about Trump and Bannon.

Trump and Bannon basically bullied Sean Spicer and unloaded all their frustrations on him. Here’s a few examples how the duo treated Sean Spicer;

Trump and Bannon mocked Sean Spicer’s appearance and style especially his suits at one point saying his suits are ill fitting. Really is the style of suits important? If anything, they should have appreciated the difficult job Sean Spicer had, the job of defending an administration that was bogged down into endless scandals.

Trump denied Sean Spicer, a devout Catholic the opportunity to meet the Pope when Trump travelled with his White House team and entourage to his first foreign trip as President. This was deliberate. Sean Spicer stayed at the hotel just a few minutes from the Vatican while Trump took even junior members of Sean Spicer’s team to meet the Pope. Spicer watched the whole event from his TV at his hotel room just a stone throw away from the Pope’s official residence.

On Trump’s trip to the G20 Summit in Germany, Sean Spicer was left behind in Washington. As the most senior member of Trump’s communications team, he should have been at the G20 summit interacting with World dignitaries.

Steve Bannon mocked Spicer, telling journalists that Spicer was being pushed away from his Communications job because “he was too fat to be on TV!” But the reality is that Bannon and Trump are actually fatter and out of shape than Sean Spicer but they choose to live in denial.

During Trump’s inauguration as President on 20th Of January 2017, fewer crowds turned up than Barack Obama’s historic inauguration as the first African American President. Photos taken of Trump’s inauguration showed that the pavilion was pretty much deserted besides the front part where supporters were gathered. All in all, there was a lot less people at Trump’s inauguration than Obama’s. And this would not even have been an issue hadn’t the Trump administration decided to overplay it and claim they had a bigger turn out than Obama’s.  Of course it was Sean Spicer who was forced by Trump to go on TV and claim that more people had turned up than really had. Spicer, faced with photographic evidence knew what he was saying was incorrect but he had no options. He insisted on claiming that the crowd was so big and overwhelming.