Trump Supporters FURIOUS After Japan’s First Lady SNUBS Trump, Claim She Broke Diplomatic Protocol and Demand Full APOLOGY

Trump supporters have come out to criticize the Japanese First lady after she pretended not to be able to speak English in a ploy to avoid having a conversation with the US President.

The revelations came after Trump in an interview with The New York Times said that he was seated next to the First Lady of Japan for two hours at the G20 summit in German but she did not speak to him, not even a word because she can’t speak English.

“She can’t even say hello,” Trump said in The New York Times interview. But all Trump’s explanation that Japan’s First Lady Akie Abe did not speak to him for all two hours they sat next to each other because of language barrier came tumbling down after a video surfaced on YouTube showing Akie Abe speaking perfect English at a human rights and Environment conference.

Another video was immediately uploaded onto Daily Motion, another video streaming website and immediately was swamped by Trump supporters complaining, using foul language and asking for Japan to apologize. The comments on this video were disabled after much uproar and negativity.

Matthew Taney, who describes himself as a “Trumpetter” and says he worked as a grass roots campaigner for Trump during the last Presidential elections spoke to us on Skype from his home in Ohio and criticized Akie Abe for her behaviour.

“What she did is not legally wrong but it breaks all moral and diplomatic principles. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t agree with Trump’s policies but just having a normal conversation wouldn’t hurt. We cannot allow ourselves to reach a point where if we disagree with someone’s opinions then we can’t even say hello to them. I saw the video of Akie Abe speaking perfect English and I’m really disappointed. She should do the right thing and apologize to Trump and the American people. She is supposed to be diplomatic at all times like our First lady Melania,” said Tanney.

On the Breitbart comments section, Trump supporters were furious. “It’s good Trump is starting to “re-examine our relationship with China and Japan because these people don’t care about America at all. They just keep undermining our economy and now our President,” wrote one commentator.

On Facebook, the uproar was even worse with many members in Trump support groups on Facebook calling for a boycott of all Japanese goods until “Japan makes a full apology.”

Photos by Getty/EPA