Republican Politician Mentions Obama, Says African Americans Should Go Back To Africa- Planes Leave Every Hour!!!!

A Republican politician left Americans shocked when he berated an audience and singled out the African Americans, telling them to “go back to Africa” and also informing them that “planes leave every hour”.

He told the African Americans that they have already received their reparations “in the form of a man named Barack Obama” and if they don’t like it in America, they should go back to Africa. One of his political rivals is African American.

Paul Congemi is running for Mayor of St. Petersburg in Florida and is known for his extremist views and opinions. He has also served time in jail after his mother was found with unexplained scars and marks. Paul Congemi wrapped up the case and was charged for the lesser charge of “neglecting his mother” but many theories surround the outspoken politician. There is no evidence that he has been physically violent, yet.

Above is the picture of Paul Congemi in the Prison orange jumpsuit. There have been calls online for him to apologize for his comment but many people who ¬†know him say he is a very unrepentant person and wouldn’t even know that what he said is even offensive.

Below is the full video of him berating African Americans