John McCain Deserves Honor From All Of Us But The Way Republicans Have Treated Him Is DISGUSTING And INHUMANE

It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat or anything else, Senator John McCain deserves honor and gratitude for his service to America.

Unfortunately, what is going to become a permanent stain on the record of all Republicans and how many people will come to remember them is for their lack of empathy, kindness or just basic compassion and dignity.

At McCain’s hour of need, instead of love and support, Republicans have wished him the worst that you can even never wish on your worst enemy. And McCain is no one’s enemy. He fought for America and loves America just like the rest of us.

He may be conservative, he may hold different opinions and beliefs than we do but that doesn’t mean we love America more than he does and vice versa. We all love our country but politics, our opinions differ as a result of many factors. Nevertheless, our political differences should not drive us to become monsters just like we have just witnessed.

When John McCain was admitted to hospital, it was the Republicans that started attacking him viciously. A top Republican politician retweeted a message wishing him dead!

Nevada Republic National Committee member Diana Orrock  said “AMEN” to a tweet saying “Please Just f**king die already #JohnMcCain”. This kind of behavior should shock any normal human being but it’s quite normal among many Republicans. Diana Orrock is still keeping her job at the Republican National Committee and everything goes on as normal.

A quick look at the comments section on the fox news website shows many people who think just like Diana Orrock, even worse. But the problem is not just at the grass roots Republicans. Let’s move on to the top.

President Donald Trump himself has in the past said very disgusting things against John McCain, even tried to tarnish McCain’s war record and contribution to the US military.

Donald Trump said that John McCain is not a hero because he was captured in the war.

“He’s no war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured,” Donald Trump said of John McCain in 2016 when McCain rightly criticized his foul language and insults against women.

But what does Trump know about heroes or serving in the army? Nothing! There’s wide speculation that Trump avoided being drafted to serve in the military several times by “cooking up excuses.”Perhaps Trump can tell us whether he avoided being drafted and give us a solid reason. Only then can he have a right to talk about our veterans who put their lives on the line so Trump and all Americans can live in peace and freedom.

McCain has been so loyal and dedicated to serving America so when criticism comes from Trump whose Presidency is being clouded by talks of collusion with America’s greatest democracy, everyone should be worried.

Trump has attacked and tried to undermine the media since day one, but attacking and undermining our veterans is taking things too far.

John McCain has served America with honor, grace, courage and distinction. He deserves our love and support.