God Put Trump Into The White House And No One Has A Right To Remove Him, Says Evangelical Preacher Pat Robertson

Evangelical preacher and founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network Pat Robertson said in an interview that President Trump was put into the white House by God and therefore no man has the right to remove him.

“He is God’s man for the job,” he said before calling upon his followers and all Evangelical Christians in America to continue praying for Trump and giving the President any kind of support he may want.

Pat Robertson is one of the most powerful Evangelical preachers in America with millions of followers who accept every word he says and if he asks them to support Trump then so be it.

He has in the past asked the media to stop criticising Trump because he (Trump) is doing God’s work in America.

Robertson has also said he supports Trump on Russia and that the whole collusion issue has been highly exaggerated.

Roberston has faced criticism for his vocal opposition to same-sex marriage and saying natural disasters, like the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, was a result of the country making a “pact with the devil.” He has also warned that if America does not turn away from same- sex- marriage and make it illegal, there is going to be massive problems.

“If you break the laws of God, you can expect no mercy,” he said while preaching on his TV channel.