William Hague Says Britain Should Follow France In Giving Trump A State Visit

Former Foreign Secretary and influential Conservative William Hague has argued that Britain should stop its stalemate and offer US President Donald Trump a State visit that has been much needed and was already planned for this summer but had to be cancelled because of fears of widespread protests in London.

Writing in the right wing press, The Telegraph, Hague said that Trump deserves a visit to Britain and that looking at Trump’s visit to France at the Bastille Day and how successful it was, then that success could be easily replicated in Britain.

Trump and his wife Melania were treated to a dinner at the Eiffel Tower, a Bastille Day parade with a colourful ceremony in what was billed by the Republicans in America as a total success.

Trump also gave a generous speech in which he said France was one of America’s oldest allies and had fought together and stood shoulder to shoulder in the Second World War.

Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron started off on a wrong foot the first time they met in Brussels, displaying awkward body language and a bizarre handshake and then immediately Trump withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate accord.

Trump’s visit to France was a much better improvement with generous speeches, improved body language, dinner at the Eiffel Tower and even Trump showering praises on Emmanuel Macron’s wife. “She’s in good shape, beautiful!” Trump said of the French first lady although the comments caused uproar back in the US where Trump has been accused of sexist remarks.

The State visit to Britain is still in limbo and is said to have been postponed to next year. Although Theresa May has been eager to get on with the visit, Trump has clearly told her that unless she can “fix the situation” so there is no protests, then he will not be visiting. Trump is widely unpopular in Britain and millions signed a petition to stop him from visiting and when the Government rejected the petition, people made it known that there would be widespread protests in London when Trump visited.

William Hague is thought to be the sober mind being asked by the Government to start a subtle campaign of making Trump’s visit to the UK a very normal and acceptable thing. By next summer it is expected that Britons will have been conditioned to accept Trump’s visit.

Mr Hague is also expected to take a role in the Government albeit on the sidelines as an adviser to Theresa May. David Cameron has also started advising Theresa May as she starts to fight off detractors and rebels within her own party.

A return of William Hague and David Cameron to advisory roles is speculated to be of damaging consequences to Boris Johnson who has bad history with the two. Also, speculation in Westminster is rife that Boris Johnson’s rivals have acquired a “Kompromat file” on him that they will use should he continue to pursue the Prime Minister job.