Jerry Springer To Formerly Invite Trump Onto His TV Show, Says He Would Easily Blend In With Other Visitors

Donald Trump is to be invited to appear on one of America’s most controversial TV show, the Jerry Springer TV show in which the host, Mr Springer tackles dysfunctional behaviour and ┬áprovides counselling and guidance to people who are struggling to adjust to a normal pattern of life or with anger issues.

Jerry Springer provides guidance and counselling to his visitors many of whom are facing all sorts of problems from anger issues, relationship break downs, those who can’t hold down a job, drug and drink addiction and those who have been verbally or physically abusive to their family or friends.

The move comes weeks after Trump insulted Morning Joe hosts on Twitter and said that┬áMika Brzezinski was “bleeding from a face lift”, an insult that caused uproar and controversy.

Trump has a history of verbally abusing and attacking women wjile mentioning blood or bleeding. During the 2016 Presidential elections, he attacked TV host Megyn Kelly and said she(Kelly) had “blood coming from wherever” Such a bizarre and strange insult should have shocked America but instead Trump got cheers and support from his supporters who also further piled insults on Trump.

Trump’s bizarre behaviour and strange insults have caused many in America to start speculating about Trump’s mental health and in fact, some doctors in the US have claimed that Trump is not mentally fit to be President of the United States.

Should Trump accept the invitation to the TV show, he will be the first US President to appear on the Jerry Springer show and this may be beneficial to him. He will find that many visitors to this show have the same anger issues and use the same type of language- swearing, insults and crude jokes about women.

Jerry Springer has not confirmed when he will be sending an invite but a member of his staff who did not want his name revealed spoke to us and confirmed that there has been several discussions about Trump and how an invite on the Jerry Springer show could be beneficial to both Trump and the TV show through good ratings for both but the “icing on the cake would be letting Trump spill it all out and try to tackle his anger issues.”

It is not the first time Trump is linked to Jerry springer. Jerry Springer has in the past said that Trump doesn’t belong in the White House but rather belongs on the notorious TV show.

Jerry Springer has had a colorful and impresive career working as a lawyer, jounalist, politician and TV host. He worked as a campaign adviser to Robert F. Kennedy, then as a lawyer then eventually as the Mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio.

We have emailed Jerry Springer to provide us with his version of the story and we shall be updating our readers on further developments.