Russian Lawyer Who Can’t Speak A Word Of English Hoodwinks And Shakes Up Washington!!!

Russian lawyer in email saga

Natalia Veselnitskaya’s name is making waves in Washington and all for the wrong reasons. Everything about her seems like something out of a cold war spy novel.

Many people have failed to read between the lines so as to make sense of this lawyer and her true purpose and mission.

She entered the US to represent her client in an asset forfeiture case. This client is a Russian Oligarch linked directly to the Kremlin and to Putin. Read more on that here

She apparently can’t speak a word of English yet she was chosen out of all the Russian lawyers many of whom speak perfect English to come and plead for her oligarch client in American Courts of Law. So who was her interpreter at the courts of Law? That will be very interesting to find out. Probably an ex KGB operative.

Forget her excuse of entering the US to represent her client, her main mission was lobbying and influencing US politicians and also meeting Donald Trump Jr to provide damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

The million dollar questions are; what information was that? How did she acquire that information? Is she linked to the Russian hackers who heavily influenced and swung the 2016 US Presidential elections? Is there a similar pattern? Will she be willing to come to testify in the Senate hearing?

She now claims she wasn’t working for the US Government but she was busy lobbying and pushing a big agenda of Russian foreign policy!

And who accompanied her to meet Donald Trump Jr? A Russian agent (retired) but was active in the KGB and is currently a freelancer and has been labelled an “expert in the dark arts.”

But what about the current claims circulating online that this Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya actually speaks fluent English? These claims are unverified as of yet but a  few people writing online claimed they know her and that she’s multilingual. We are waiting for a video of her presentation in English and that will actually give credit to these claims.

It is also worth noting that it is a golden rule for KGB officers to always claim not to speak other languages and always to insist on interpreters even when they understand the language excellently.

Vladmir Putin made his name in the KGB before becoming President. He speaks perfect English but whenever he’s in the company of English speakers, he will speak in Russian and have a translator. Putin also speaks perfect German, having served for years as a KGB officer in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin wall but when he meets politicians from Germany, he comes with a translator and won’t speak a word in German.

One thing is for certain, this lawyer who claims not to speak a word of English is far from a saint.