Organisers Of LONDON PRIDE Facing Complaints Over “Islamophobic” Signs Seen At The Colourful Parade

Last Weekend’s London Pride was meant to be a celebration of equal love, same sex marriage,and the empowerment of the LGBT community and while there was lively parade with good music and colourful costumes, complaints of Islamophobia and intolerance have been lodged with the authorities.

According to pictures taken during the London Pride and according to some Muslims who attended, “offensive and Islamophobic signs” carrying messages such as “Allah is gay” were prominent at the street festival and many Muslims were not happy about it.

A spokesman for the East London Mosque confirmed that a complaint had been lodged with both the organisers of London Pride and the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB), the organisation responsible for the signs.

There were claims that the people carrying the signs offensive to Islam were ex-Muslims who had left Islam because their sexuality was not allowed or represented in Islam. On a positive note however, the London Pride went on smoothly and there were no violent clashes reported.

The organisers of the London Pride said of the incident “We will not tolerate Islamophobia” and that they were now reviewing whether they’d allowed CEMB to join the march again next year.

The controversy from the Islamic community over ex-Muslims marching at Pride comes just days after Britain’s first married gay Muslim couple went public with the high level of abuse they had received from other Muslims.