Trump Finally Turns To Prayers And Fasting With Evangelicals As Russian Scandal Bites Harder

Trump praying in the White House

Trump could be finally finding God after a lifetime of chasing money and power through any means necessary. In what may surprise many Americans, Trump invited a group of Christian Evangelicals in the White House who prayed and laid hands on him.

This was hours before he left for a trip to France. Trump is not a religious person and is a very worldly and extremely materialistic man who has spent all 71 years of his life chasing money, gold and power. For all his worldly pursuits, he now finds himself at the very darkest moment of his financial and extremely short political career as the Russian scandal bites harder and it is hard to know if even his billions of dollars can get him out of the Russian saga.

Turning to God seems the logical solution. It is being speculated that Vice President Mike Pence arranged for the Evangelicals to come to the White House for Prayers and laying of hands on Trump as they intercede to the almighty Lord to forgive Trump for his trespasses and protect him at this difficult moment.

Mike Pence is a dedicated Christian Evangelical and has a close and special relationship with many Evangelical preachers in America.

The prayers for Trump at the White House come just after his son Donald Trump Jr seemed to be implicated in the “Russia Collusion” scandal with The New York Times unearthing email exchanges between Trump Jr and a Russian lawyer who wanted to meet Trump’s son to provide “damaging information” on Hillary Clinton that would damage Clinton’s chances while elevating Trump to the Presidency. Trump Jr released the emails after learning that The New York Times had acquired the emails and would release them if he didn’t come clean.

The Trump team has been denying any collusion claims and denying there was no contact from Trump’s team and the Russians during the 2016 Presidential elections and these emails just proved that there was contact between Trump’s team and the Russians. In the emails, the Russian lawyer explicitly states that the reason this information is being given to Trump’s team is to show Russia’s support to Trump. The lawyer’s emails also suggest that she is working for the Russian State and is linked to the Kremlin. The Kremlin denies that the lawyer is linked to them.

It is unknown if Trump Jr had any further contact with other Russians but should that be the case, the situation will get worse than already it is. President Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner had undisclosed meetings with Russians and at one point discussed with the Russian Ambassador about the possibility of setting up a back door channel of communication between the White House and the Kremlin. As a result of the discovery of these meetings, Jared Kushner will be testifying at the Senate hearing into the Russia Collusion scandal. He has hired a lawyer and so has Trump Jr and President Trump.

The Evangelicals will have to pray and fast harder than they ever had in their lives.