Pressure Mounts On British Prime Minister To Stop Selling BOMBS To Saudi Arabia And Other Dubious Regimes

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is facing calls from opposition parties to stop the sale of bombs and other dangerous weapons to Saudi Arabia and other regimes around the world.The calls come after increasing complaints from Human Rights groups that British weapons are being used to commit atrocities and cause humanitarian catastrophes around the world.

The Green Party and Labour Party are calling for Theresa May to release the information relating to her business dealings with Saudi Arabia which she refuses to do.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest client and buyer of British weapons- bombs, fighter jets, air to surface missiles and assault rifles to name but a few. In a sad twist of fate, many of these weapons end up in enemy hands and have been used against British troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Britain continues to use calculated public relations to impose itself as the centre of freedom and human rights in the world, with speeches to end wars, suffering and human rights abuses around the world. But unfortunately, Britain’s immoral weapons trade is creating conflict, deaths, suffering, wars and human rights abuses around the world/

Saudi Arabia is accused of the proliferation of weapons throughout the Middle East, many ending up in the arms of Jihadi fighters.

Andrew Smith of Campaign Against the Arms Trade, said: “For far too long, successive UK governments have offered an uncritical political and military support to the brutal Saudi dictatorship and its repressive rule. The consequences have been devastating for the people of Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

“More now than ever, parliament needs to do all it can to scrutinise and question this toxic relationship and to expose its deadly consequences.

“We are always being told that the UK stands for human rights and democracy, but UK arms are being used in atrocities in Yemen. UK fighter jets and bombs have played a central role in one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.”