Mike Pence Could Become The 46th President Of The U.S And This Is What Is Happening Behind The Scenes

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Donald Trump Jr’s release of his correspondence with a Russian fixer thought to be linked to the Kremlin have punched a hole into Trump’s defense against any collusion claims. The emails, now available online contain scandalous details, including a line where there’s a promise of support from Russia.

The promise of a dirty dossier on Hillary Clinton means a lot. If such a dossier on Hillary Clinton existed, it would obviously be compiled by the KGB and other Russian intelligence assets. An ordinary lawyer wouldn’t have the capacity to have a dossier on a former Secretary of State.

Indeed, Wikileaks acquired information from Russian hackers which was leaked and damaged Hillary’s chances. The Russian hackers also hacked Clinton Campaign chair John Podesta’s emails and leaked them online. Then the same hackers attacked the Democratic National Committee servers and compromised the computer systems, stealing and publishing sensitive information. It was a full scale cyber war unleashed by the Russian hackers.

The Russian lawyer who met with Trump Jr promising him to provide his father’s campaign with damaging information on Hillary Clinton will likely be called to testify (if she doesn’t flee back to Russia). The Senate Committee will be interested to know what the “damaging information” was and exactly how it was acquire; a wild guess is through Russian hackers. The case is just getting more ugly.

That brings us to Mike Pence and Paul Ryan. In calculated, smart political manoeuvres, Ryan and Pence have done their best to stay away from the Trump-Russia scandal. Not even a word of support! Nothing! They are refusing to get themselves tainted with the collusion scandal and are preparing for the unexpected.

The Republican Party is slowly sobering up and realizing that they can not continue to live in denial. Trump and his inner circle are said to want to fire the special counsel because they think he will not be fair on Trump.

Richard Painter, George W Bush’s ethics lawyer from 2005 to 2007 has said that if Trump and his surrogates fire special counsel Robert Mueller, that will be obstruction of Justice.

“If that happens, Mike Pence will soon become the 46th president,” Painter wrote on Twitter.