Dirty Emails: Donald Trump Jr Could Have Driven The Last Nail Into His Father’s Presidency

Donald Trump’s presidency was simply doomed from the start. The most unconventional candidate gave way to the most unconventional President America has ever had and since his inauguration in January, Trump’s presidency has been mired in controversy with serious allegations of an adversary nation having orchestrated events that led to the fall of Hillary Clinton and the rise of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

Donald Trump Jr’s release of emails with a Russian fixer linked to Putin is just a tip of the iceberg. The President’s son was contacted by Russian fixers close to the Russian President who promised to give him a dirty dossier on Hillary Clinton with the aim of killing Hillary Clinton’s Presidential prospects and hence helping Donald Trump become President. Trump’s son agreed to meet with the Russian fixers to discuss the information about Hillary Clinton but that in itself is a problem.

The senate hearing into Trump-Russia collusion claims has been about the facts that Russia, an adversary nation worked to undermine Hillary Clinton and tilt the 2016 US Presidential elections in favour of Trump. The information involved in these emails confirms what Republicans have been denying- that Russia was working to derail Hillary Clinton’s campaign and elevate Trump to the Presidency.

These new revelations about Trump Jr’s correspondence with the Russians after his father won the Republican nomination for President and focused on a face off with Hillary Clinton are a cause of concern.

Some of the emails have been published online and can be read by following this link. It will not be surprising if Donald Trump Jr is called to testify at the Senate hearing. The investigation into the Trump-Russia collusion may be going painfully slow but when concluded, a storm will raise in Washington. It is just getting serious.

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