Reality Check: Brexit May NEVER Happen And Vince Cable Has BAD NEWS For Britain’s Far Right Groups!!!

This is the last thing the Brexiteers and British far right groups expected but Brexit is dying a painful slow death right as we all watch. Vince Cable spoke about the issue in length yesterday and already UKIP trolls took to Twitter to hurl insults without using any kind of logic.

Yes, Brexit may NEVER happen. Vince Cable, a prominent Liberal Democrat and senior British Politician explained in his BBC interview that Parliament has become weary and suspicious of Theresa May’s hard Brexit agenda. He explained that there is so much infighting among senior British politicians and the longer Brexit drags on, positions keep shifting. Many who previously supported Brexit are now outright rejecting it as they read more into it. And they don’t feel supported by the public on Brexit. All the “Brexit newspapers” that campaigned and supported Brexit have now distanced themselves from Brexit and others are now actively against Brexit. There is no support for Brexit even from the public.

Westminster insiders say that Theresa May’s inner circle is making a U turn on Brexit. Most wanted a softer approach to Brexit negotiations but Theresa May insists on a hard Brexit. The red tape, the ugly negotiations, the legal manoeuvres, the infighting and the suspected power grab as Tories try to oust Theresa May are all derailing Brexit.

Britain’s Brexit Minister David Davis is said to be frustrated. He wants a soft Brexit and a softer approach to negotiations in Europe but her boss is demanding a hard Brexit which is causing tensions. Boris Johnson seeks to exploit this and his supporters are already accusing David Davis of being a “secret remainer.” David Davis is Boris Jonson’s rival for Theresa May’s job.

David Davis recently said, and we quote, ” Negotiating Brexit is as difficult as landing on the moon.” That is not a blanket statement. It is a serious message of setting a different mood.

Article 50 has already been signed? No big deal. There is article 49 which Britain can revert to and apply to cancel article 50. Britain meets all the needs and requirements of article 49 so the moment they apply for article 49, article 50 will be revoked and Britain will officially rejoin the European Union.

Nigel Farage and his fans can hang on in there but the mood on Brexit is changing. Parliament is weary of Brexit, the public is weary of Brexit, the EU is weary. Everyone wants to scrap this chapter and simply move on. We all have better things to do. We fully support Vince Cable’s BBc interview and we agree with David Davis; Yes BREXIT is as complicated as landing on the moon.