Trump Walked around Dazed And Confused, Forgot His Limo (See Video) But Now His Supporters Say He Is Simply Overworked

Donald Trump’s latest antics have sent social media on a spin, with commentators divided on what exactly happened but fortunately, it was all recorded on video and those who were watching on live TV were wondering what exactly was going on, they can watch the recorded footage below this post.

On his trip back from New Jersey to his White House residence, Trump climbed down the steps from Air Force One when it touched down at Camp David and was supposed to get into his Presidential limousine which was waiting just at the bottom of the aeroplane steps ready to whisk him away to the White House.

Instead, Trump simply descended the steps and instead of entering his waiting limousine, walked past it and proceeded to walk probably 10 to 15 feet at which point one of his security details intervened and told Trump that he had already walked past his limousine.

Trump thanked the Secret Service agent and then walked back to his waiting limousine and further embarrassment was averted. But the incident did not go without notice.

Americans quickly went on Twitter to mock Trump, in a scenario that let to a total Twitter meltdown with some claiming Trump was so tired he needed to retire while Trump supporters said Trump was so overworked, wasn’t playing enough golf, and wasn’t getting enough sleep.

There was speculation on internet political forums that that is proof that Trump is not capable of being President and in cahrge of nuclear codes and making big decisions if he was already starting to forget minor details like where his limousine is.

A Trump supporter wrote on twitter that it’s not a big deal since he himself sometimes forgets where he packed his car when he goes to a football game or at a busy shopping mall.


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