Charlie Gard: Boris Johnson Refuses Baby To Be Moved To Italy

A top Italian doctor who offered to care for the seriously ill baby Charlie Gard after the baby’s case became highly politicised in Britain has had his offer rejected by Boris Johnson who insists that that the baby can not be moved to Italy because of “legal reasons”.

Boris Johnson’s denial and statement is against the wishes of the baby’s parents who contacted the hospital in Italy to see if they can get further help. The baby’s parents who have struggled tirelessly looking for any means possible to save their baby and raised over 1.2 million pound sterling to take the baby abroad for specialised treatment.

The President of the Bbembino Gesu hospital in Rome had asked British doctors if 10 month old Charlie could be transfered to his care but it has all ended up in denial.

Boris Johnson told the Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano that legal reasons prevent the baby from being moved.

According to the BBC, the Vatican’s paediatric hospital stepped in after Pope Francis called for Charlie’s parents to be allowed to “accompany and treat their child until the end.”

Follow this link to read the whole story on BBC



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