What Would Be Your Reaction And Thoughts Today If Theresa May RESIGNED?

Theresa May’s political future right now is on the brink. There’s so much infighting in the Conservative Party and they all pretty much want her out after her performance in the past General Election. Many Tories have no faith in the coalition Government with Democratic Unionist Party and many pundits predict the coalition will end badly.

Former Prime Minister John Major, a shrewd and hard core Conservative has publicly bashed the Tory coalition with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party. He, like Northern Ireland’s Sein Feinn has made it clear that the Tory coalition with DUP is a threat to the Good Friday Agreement.

Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations are not quite what she hoped for. Her Brexit Minister David Davis is said to be frustrated at the lack of progress in negotiations and it is believed Mr Davis thinks the reason Brexit negotiations are failing is because Theresa May is insisting on a hard Brexit. Davis wants a different approach which is a soft Brexit.

Boris Johnson is meanwhile pulling the strings in the background, aiming for what has always been his ultimate goal- to be party leader and eventually Prime Minister. But many in the Conservative Party are wary of his ways. They have branded him as a divisive figure after he “back stabbed” David Cameron during the Brexit referendum. He had calculated that by campaigning against Cameron who was campaigning for Brexit, he would make sure Cameron gets a bad result and resigns which he did and then Boris would take over and become Prime Minister.

After Cameron fell on his own sword, he resigned and then Boris Johnson made a manoeuvre for Prime Minister but those who had promised him to push for Brexit and to betray Cameron withdrew their support after using Boris to do their Brexit work. That’s how Theresa May came into power after Boris found himself with no backers.

Theresa May became an unelected Prime Minister and by wanting to legitimise her powerbase, soon called a General Election on 8th of June. The results were poor and hence the coalition with the DUP, a party that is largely unknown outside of Northern Ireland.

Theresa May is expected to resign in a couple of months as the Tories look for a successor. Boris Johnson has been told that the party needs a new generation of leaders but he insists he wants to be party leader and eventually PM.

Pundits are all waiting for Theresa May’s resignation. Some are speculating what kind of speech she will make.

Quiz: What Would Be Your Thoughts and Reactions Today if Theresa May Resigns???

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  1. They’ll keep her in place until they’re ready for another election. She’s basically a human shield for them at the moment. Don’t be fooled by talk of Boris, or Rees Mogg. They’re rodeo clowns, designed to take your eye off the action while they position another Cameron/Blair type to take over.

  2. If Theresa Mayhem resigned another Tory tosser would take her place and it would be business as usual. The only real change would come if her resignation triggered another General Election and only if Labour could win it.

  3. The end of Brexit hard or soft red white & bloody blue.
    Whoevery takes he place will be as bad because we will be lumbered by the fact they will still represent the Tories and not the Country.
    If we are to succeed it cannot be just May going but the Conservative Party.

  4. I would be beyond thrilled! The sooner she is gone and Corbyn p.m the better! It is just a matter if time!!

  5. A) About time.
    B) Brilliant news.
    C) Conservatives are de facto now history.
    D) DUP wont like that.
    E) End of austerity and Tory arrogance.
    F) First thing May(hem) has got right in a longr time.
    G) Good riddance of another Thatcherite Tory tyrant.
    H) Health Service cuts will be stopped if not reversed
    I) Investment in young people will take priority over profits for the super rich.
    J) Jeremy Corbyn will make the best Prime Minister in living memory.

  6. Desperately want her out but the Tories with her too. LABOUR IN 🍾🥂🌹🤞✊️👏🥃lol………

    • May & The Torys have completely messed UK up , greedy avaricious, power hungry cretins , telling us to live within our means , Let them F…well try

    • Don’t be. They never last long. They have a 5 minute honeymoon then everyone stabs them in the back and hates them. Nasty party. Nasty people leading them.

  7. Reaction to Theresa May’s departure would be “God does listen” and the next minute “Please God don’t let it be Boris Johnson” who would become our very own Donald Trump

    • Boris Johnson would be worse than May in many ways. He has no credibility from the outset. At least May looked like she knew what she was doing until she called an election.

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