Trump Is The Most Genuine President In Our Lifetime, Says Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert

Photo by CNN

Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert has gone on ABC’s “This Week” and defended Donald Trump’s Twitter Storm saying that, and we quote word by word, ” Trump is the most genuine President and the most nonpolitician President we have seen in my lifetime.”

Bossert was defending Trump’s latest tweets showing him “beating up CNN” in a stunt video that some pundits have said is extremely violent and shouldn’t be watched by persons under the age of 18.

The TV interviewer put him on task and said,” I’m disappointed beyond belief by the answer that the Security Adviser just gave. What a wuss. What a wuss. You could see that he is ceding his principles. You are the homeland security adviser and you can’t stand here and say the difference between right and wrong,” Martha Raddatz said.

Tom Bossert defended Trump’s tweets and said that instead the media is to blame for being unfair to Trump. Trump has intensified his war on the media, calling CNN, New York Times and others media outlets that criticise him “fake news.”

Trump has been involved in ugly twitter storms, name calling and shaming his adversaries on social media. He only a few days ago called out a female journalist and said she had come to interview him while “bleeding from a face lift”. He continues to use the inflammatory and derogatory language that characterised his Presidential campaign rallies.

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