Melania Trump Fully Supports Her Husband’s TWEETS As Her Cyber Bullying Campaign Fails

Melania Trump’s spokesperson released a statement saying that Melania Trump “fully supports” her husband’s tweets and in which the first lady said that “If her husband is attacked, he hits back even harder.”

Trump has completely failed to grasp how to be Presidential. He has viciously and unfairly attacked former president Barack Obama several times online but Obama did not fight back, did not even respond. One would think Trump could learn a few things just by studying how his predecessor carries himself with dignity and integrity.

The first lady’s cyber bullying campaign is failing and her husband is responsible. Trump continues to post crude and dirty remarks about his adversaries. His treatment of women is disgusting. His obsession of talking about women and blood is bizarre, disgusting and embarrassing.

Our editor today scanned all Twitter and social media accounts of all the World’s Presidents and leaders and this may not surprise anyone but only Trump’s Twitter feed is filled with insults and foul language.

Trump has turned America into the laughing stock of the world. He has to stop insulting people, stop humiliating women and start acting Presidential. However, it may be too late, his legacy has already been written. Even if he changes, and this is unlikely, he will always be seen through his former shell.


  1. If you can’t RECOGNIZE WHAT BULLYING IS, YOURE NOT GOING TO DO WELL W AN ANTI BULLYING CAMPAIGN!!! She’s not very bright, Trump,didn’t marry for brains.

  2. she.s not a first lady because she/s not a lady shes a naked model condonning her husbands bullying. he makes up stories about people then lies about them and the idiots that voted for him believe them

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