Undocumented Survivors Of Grenfell Towers Are In Hiding Afraid Of Theresa May Deporting Them

Undocumented survivors of the Grenfell Towers fire in London are said to be in hiding and afraid of seeking medical help or any other help like rehousing or getting money to help them get back on their feet as a result of the anti-immigrant “climate” peddled by the Theresa May’s Party and Nigel Farage of the far right UK Independence Party.

There has been reports that the survivors in hiding are afraid that they will immediately be held in detention centres which are temporary jails where undocumented people are processed before being removed from the country.

Among the undocumented people thought to have been caught up in the unfortunate Grenfell Tower fire are said to be refugees from war torn countries and others are just undocumented workers.

Theresa May is well known for her iron fist when it comes to immigration and she was well known for starting a campaign where she sent “Go back home vans” through the streets of London a few years back displaying messages asking foreigners to back to their countries or face arrest. Hundreds of foreigners were arrested in the process.

The current climate in Britain soon after Brexit is very tense and refugees and immigranst are living in fear of mass deportations and being thrown in jails and detention centres. Among the refugees are children of school going age and also infants who will suffer most.



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