Is Trump Making America Great Or Turning America Into A LAUGHING STOCK Of The World? Answer Honestly!!!

Trump supporters have chosen to bury their heads in the sand and pretend everything is normal with the Trump Presidency but the fact is Trump has already made history as the worst President in the history of America ever.

His latest personal attacks on Mika and Joe of MSNBC in which he claimed that Mika Brzenski came to his golf club to interview him while “bleeding from a face lift” has taken Trump to the lowest of the low (not that any higher standards were ever expected from Trump)

Trump’s fascination with women and bleeding and the use of it to attack women is nothing new. During the 2016 Presidential elections, Trump viciously attacked Megyn Kelly saying she looked like “she had blood coming from wherever.”

His access Hollywood tape with Billy Bush tells a story of a man unfit to be President, or even have any normal job really. A video has surfaced in which he called former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice a bitch

Never in the history of America has a man with a dirty mouth and uncivilised manner held the office of President.

He mocked a disabled man who was in his audience, promoted violence during his campaigns, and once said “the second amendment people could do something to stop Hillary Clinton.” The second amendment is the right to bear arms and by making that statement people interpreted it as Trump trying to hint at the assassination of his then political opponent.

In all honesty, Trump has proved time and again that he does not have the integrity, calmness, personality, aptitude and moral character to be President of the United States. He has alienated all important allies, peddled hoaxes about climate change, attacked the media, attacked people’s rights to health care and he is just 5 months into the job.

Do you think Trump is capable of making America great or he will simply turn America into the laughing stock of the world? Please give your reasons and answer truthfully whether you support him or not. comment and SHARE!!!