Trump Starts 2020 Reelection Fundraising, Collects $10 Million At Exclusive Dinner

Image Credit: Time

Donald Trump raised $10 million at a fundraiser at one of his hotels in Washington DC and not without controversy.

Lawyers say that Trump is violating the law by hosting a fundraiser and continuing to use his hotels for his Government duties. It may appear to be a conflict of interest.

Lawyers argue that Trump should not be allowed to host foreign dignitaries and officials at his own hotels or golf clubs and should he require to host visitors in an official capacity, it should be at different hotels where he has no interest or at Government facilities like Camp David.

Trump’s latest fundraiser dinner at Trump International Hotel has reignited the controversy months after Trump hosted the Japanese Prime Minister at his Florida Mara Lago hotel and Golf resort.

The former  White House ethics lawyer from President Obama’s White House accused President Trump on Wednesday of holding an “illegal” fundraiser at the Trump International Hotel in Washington.

Former Counsel for Ethics and Government Reform Norm Eisen said in a series of tweets that the reelection fundraiser violates the Domestic Emoluments Clause of the Constitution because it is held at one of the hotels owned by a Trump company.

Richard Painter, former Ethics lawyer during the George W. Bush administration has also previously criticised Trump’s use of his hotels and gold resorts to host foreign leaders and dignitaries.

The BBC reported that a lawsuit filed in June argued President Trump was “flagrantly violating the constitution” by accepting payments from foreign governments, a charge the White House has strongly denied.

No other President in history has started raising money for reelection this early in their Presidency.