Busted!!! Trump Caught Out In FAKE NEWS Photoshopped TIME Magazine Cover

President Trump has been asked by Time magazine to remove all fake “Time Magazines” from his golf resorts. In these “fake Time Magazines”, Trump appears in a dark suit, arms crossed and looking all serious and professional.

Time has confirmed to a BBC journalist that the cover is a copy. In fact, there was no 1 March 2009 issue of Time, and Mr Trump did not feature on the magazine’s cover that year.

A spokesperson said the magazine had asked the Trump Organization to remove the fake cover.

This will be a further embarassment to Trump but will also shine a spotlight on his personality. There have been many claims that Trump is driven by a desire of grandeur, he wants to be extremely popular, extremely famous and extremely adored and loved by everyone. But above all, he wants ratings. Popularity ratings. And this fake magazine cover proves how Trump is obsessed with being popular.

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Image Credit: Washington Post/ Twitter