Would You Accept For The Russia Investigation To Be Closed If Trump Offers To RESIGN? Yes or No?

The Senate hearing into the Trump- Russia collusion is going on painstakingly slow but the good thing is that the culprits are being ensnared one by one. Further revelations and admissions are coming out.

Even Trump himself seemed to admit on Twitter that there was collusion and he is trying in a bizarre move to blame it on Barack Obama.

The senate hearing is damaging Trump’s reputation and even the relationship with Russia will be damaged further. Trump has reportedly requested to meet Putin at the G20 summit in Germany in July for bilateral talks and his meeting with Putin will be one of the most watched and analysed.

Speculation in Washington is rife that Trump’s health may have possibly been affected by the Russia Probe. He reportedly wakes up so early and is on the phone daily at 6:30 am consulting with lawyers. But pundits and political strategists in Washington claim that Trump’s health is perfectly okay and by pushing a “bad health report”, he may be slowly looking for an exit strategy.

If Trump were to resign, he would most likely resign citing health problems and this wouldn’t look bad. Resigning for any other reasons besides health problems would look pretty bad.

But what would happen to the senate hearing into the Trump-Russia collusion if he resigned? Would it be closed and the files completely sealed or would the investigation go on until all the evidence is gathered and any culprits and players in the collusion scandal are apprehended?

Quiz: Would You Accept For The Russia Investigation To Be Closed If Trump Offers To RESIGN? Yes or No?



  1. No! No way! You do the crime then you need and should pay for it by being thrown into the Crowbar Hotel. Not sure, but do not think the Duffus who is living in the White House at present, doesn’t owns any of them so he wouldn’t receive special treatment.
    And make sure the whole gang along with Pence and the Trump clan is all included.
    Something has to be done before there is another war, God forbid, or the Duffus destroys the country.

  2. Not at all. Get to the bottom of this maddess placed on all that America stands for. All the president’s assigned appointees if find guilty of teason must be dealt with. Furthermore, with all that is known, why is Donald Trump still in office? Brings to mind how far deep this whole traversity of dirty business goes. The American people need to see this can lead to true justice. It’s the only way to gain the public trust, once again. I would appreciate it if Mr. Trumpt would be more forthright and stop the blame game, and that he and his administration step down. But, even then the chips should fall where they may and pay up for their grime of greed and dishonesty, towards America and it’s people. It is too good to believe that this will ever happen in his part since it is Mr. Trump and all his cohorts we are referring to, honesty is weakness to them each!

  3. No. We need to discover how Trump, his surrogates, Russia interfered in the election. We need to put safeguards in place. DT should never had been allowed to be inaugurated.

  4. I would let everyone resign who is part of this cover up or Russian collusion and not be prosecuted if they legally signed and agreed the following plea agreement 1) They must resign and never ever hold public office or work for government (all levels including state) again. 2. That they corroborate fully with investigators telling them their part and everything they know in writting. 3) They receive no government (both federal and/or state) pension or benefit’s no matter how many years they were a elected official or worked in the government. 4) That they never work as a lobbyist in the USA for any purpose or reason. 5) That if they break the law in any way a automatic jail sentence would be added from 15 to 50 years with no chance of yearly release no matter if the future crime is a State or Federal crime. 6) That they do not apply for any government funds for business purposes or grants for any reason. 8) If they cheated in their own election in any way, such as getting funds from foreign sources that they resign their seat to the person who was second in the election for their office. You cheated so your party does not deserve the seat.7) FINALLY THEY MUST GO ON NATIONAL PRIME TIME TV AND ADMIT WHAT THEY DID IN FULL. Finally, while I want to see these scum’s in jail for life but I think it is more important to get them out to save this country before they destroy it.

  5. Absolutely NOT everyone that helped or just stood by and watched it happen needs to be in jail for treason against the United Stares of America. Every stinking one.


  7. No. We need to get to the bottom of Russia’s involvement not only with our rigged election and Trump collusion but also understand how far reaching it is with all players involved as it appears that members of Congress have long been accepting monies from Russian backed oligarchs and banks. How long has this gone on? Who is involved and to what extent ?

  8. No. There are many complicit family, administration, senate and house individuals who need to be taken down also!

  9. No, I would not be satisfied. This is not just about Trump. This is about a foreign country trying to infiltrate our government. That is a huge deal. We need to delve into it all.

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