Trump, Steve Bannon And Sean Spicer Said To Be Getting “Fatter” As Their Jobs Get More Stressful

Trump, Steve Bannon and Sean Spicer are said to be getting “fatter” as their jobs become more complex and stressful following the Russia probe.

Friends of Trump are especially said to be very worried and concerned.

“some in the White House are concerned by the President’s fits of rage and Trump’s long time friends say his mood has been more sore than at any point since they have known him. They privately worry about his health, noting that he appears to have gained weight in recent months and that the darkness around his eyes reveals his stress.” revealed a report from The Washington Post.

Trump is said to have piled on even more pounds and his favourite diet of fast food, sweet snacks, chocolate bars and fizzy drinks is not helping matters either. He also refuses advice from his doctor to exercise even though the White House is equipped with a state of the art gym and the White House would be willing to bring in a personal trainer only if he accepted.

Steve bannon and Sean Spicer are said to be facing the same problem and just like their boss, they are being overwhelmed by the stress of their jobs since the Russia probe started.

Sean Spicer will not be speaking on camera anymore and Steve Bannon said the reason is because he is getting fatter. It is unknown if Bannon was joking or telling the truth but if at all he was joking, then many Americans could find such jokes distasteful. Read more about Steve Bannon’s comments here

Steve Bannon is said to be working even longer hours trying to lay the strategy to change the tide of events in Washington.

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