Trump Paid Only $1 To A Woman Who Did Adult Lingerie Photoshoots In 2005 But The Aftermath Is Turning Into A Mind Boggling Mystery

This is as bewildering as is mind boggling and the situation is becoming a complex puzzle involving Trump and a woman who owned a studio doing adult lingerie photoshoots and the amount of money that changed hands. Just one dollar!

But the plot actually thickens. The Guardian reports that in 2005, Trump purchased a plot of land for $US 1 from a woman who ran a photographic studio doing adult lingerie photoshoots. But think of it, purchasing a plot of land for one dollar!

Okay it’s not a big plot of land, but comeon one dollar? It just doesn’t make sense at all, and it gets even more complicated!

Trump’s plot of land. Photo by Richard Luscombe/ The Guardian

The quarter acre of land is in Florida and is valued at $ US 4,280 according to The GuardianĀ who made the research with the local land authorities.

Trump’s lifestyle and business dealings always cause a lot of speculation and conspiracies but sometimes he brings it on himself. This plot of land is evidently going to become a topic of conspiracies.

For instance, the woman who sold this plot of land to Trump had only owned it for a few weeks having purchased it for $ 3,300. Still a rock bottom price for a plot of land, but then to sell it for only one dollar a few weeks later is mind boggling.

The woman had bought the plot of land from a man from Ohio. Sadly, this man from Ohio died early this year and the woman who sold the land to Trump has officially changed her name.

Trump continues to pay taxes on the plot of land but is not developing it or using it for any income generating activities.

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