The Secret Service May Be Preparing To Look Into Johnny Depp’s “Situation” After His Trump Assasination Joke

The last thing anyone would want is to have the Secret Service guys knocking on your door or sitting you down for an interview because that means trouble.

The Secret Service are there to protect the President, his family and the Presidential assets but their top priority is the President’s life and any threat to the President’s life whether real or not is taken seriously.

Even sending a threatening social media message to Trump on Twitter could trigger an investigation by the secret service except now it’s become an almost impossible task as there’s thousands of such tweets everyday and tracking down those people can be problematic as such people could be scattered allover the country or all over the world. And the secret service can assume their cyber threats are just akin to cyber bullying and nothing more. But a well known public figure tweeting a threat to Trump would be picked up immediately.

That’s why Johnny Depp could soon be summoned by the Secret Service to explain his assasination joke. The last celebrity to make an assaination joke before Depp was CNN’s Kathy Griffin. She regretted it immediately because not only was she immediately fired by CNN but also reportedly became a person of interest for the secret service.

Immediately she appeared at a Press Conference with her lawyer crying and saying she was a harmless woman who just makes comedy and there’s no need to have the Secret Service involved. She cried out for forgiveness but Trump ignored her. Her case is unknown as she has now taken a low profile.

Johnny Depp made the assasination joke at England’s Glastonbury when he started talking about the US President.

According to the Guardian, he asked, ” When was the last time an actor assasinated a President?” he asked, refering to John Wilkes Booth assasinating President Abraham Lincoln in 1865.

He apologised almost immediately but the news spread like wild fire.

“Depp thinks it’s a joke but the secret service can choose to pursue him and make his life a total nightmare. If he is lucky, the secret service may not harass him or put pressure on him, but they may give him a damn serious warning. If he’s unlucky, things could go downhill and he could face criminal charges. Very serious charges,” said a security and defence analyst who spoke to us via Skype on condition of anonymity as he doesn’t want his name “mixed up in such a Trump related issue.”