Mark Zuckerberg Is Openly Auditioning For President And Will Be The Youngest Leader Of The Free World In 2020

Mark Zuckerberg is pretty much auditioning for President of the United States and he has a more than 80% chance of winning by an overwhelming majority. All the millenials would vote for him, and the generation after the millenials will vote for him overwhelmingly too.

The Republicans would try to shred him to pieces, to damage his reputation beyond repair but he would prevail and become the youngest leader of the free world. He will be 37 years old in 2020, two years younger than Emmanuel Macron, the new President of France.

This year Mark Zuckerberg is travelling and visiting every state in America, and reading his blog posts and journals on his travels, one can easily see a man driven by an ambition to change people’s lives than he has already done using Facebook.

His visit in Iowa, one of America’s jewel in the Presidential political battles shows how politically astute he is and how despite his wealth and affluence, he has a deep understanding what the ordinary people go through every day.

“I’m visiting small towns in Iowa and just stopped in Wilton, population 2,800,” Zuckerberg wrote in a blog post in Iowa.

“In the last generation, there has been a real divergence between opportunity available in small towns and big cities. I’ve seen many struggling towns this year, but I’ve also seen small towns like Wilton that are growing,” he added.

mark having lunch at a truck stop

Zuckerberg has travelled through many small towns and the so called “Rust belt”, talking to workers who are on the verge of losing their jobs in the shrinking small town economies and also talking to small business owners.

On a trip through Detroit, Mark made a stop at a Ford Assembly plant in April and said, “The people i met are so good they keep the line running at full speed and listen to audio books or music in one ear bud to stay engaged.”

On all these stops, Zuckerberg talks to people , asks about their work, about their families and then makes his assessment on how the current economic climate affects families.

But why would Mark run for President?  The answer is simple.

Mark is a man far ahead of his time. He can see where the world is heading and he has everything to lose if he doesn’t personally get involved in Politics.

Trump and Theresa May want to control the internet and his businesses will take a serious hit.

The US and Britain want to rein in the world’s most powerful internet companies through new rules and regulations. They want to contro the internet too, remove it from Private institutions and place it under Government control. The start will be the highly controversial concept of net neutrality that is being pushed through. Some Republicans and Trump supporters have already branded Zuckerberg a “globalist” because of his ideals of making the world more open. And Mark’s philosophy is completely at odds with Trump’s “America First”.

Mark Zuckerberg had a choice to make this week.

The Facebook CEO could either go to Washington to meet with President Donald Trump, along with nearly every other marquee CEO from the tech industry, or skip it and prepare for a Chicago rally for people who’d created social-support groups on Facebook. (CNBC)

At this meeting, the CEO of Google Eric Schmidt praised Trump for giving tech businesses “big opportunities.”

Google can see the battle starting and has decided to join Trump and “work closely with the so called pro- business administration.”

Mark Zuckerberg sees things differently, he may choose to beat them other than join them, and he has all the chances to beat them. If he runs for President, he will win by an overwhelming majority. And yes, he already collected his degree from Harvard if at all he needed one!

NOTE: This is an opinion piece, an analysis and a prediction

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