Trump Is LITERALLY Begging Congress For Money For His WALL After Being “Let Down” By Mexico

We all know Trump is obsessed with his wall project at the Mexico border, Right? And we all know that he promised his adoring fans that Mexico will pay for the wall? And even when his critics said Mexico would never pay for such a ridiculous project, he sweet talked his supporters by saying that they shouldn’t worry about where the money will come from, he would force Mexico to pay.

All his supporters cheered and shouted out his name in admiration. Well, it turns out the American tax payer will have to pay for the border wall.

That’s why Trump is making a fresh appeal to Congress and convincing them that they should give the green lights for the tax dollars to put up the wall.

His latest claim is quite ridiculous and this is to convince Congress to sign the check. He has now labelled his wall project the “Solar wall”, telling Congress that the wall will be built with so many solar panels which generate energy. So in the end the wall will pay for itself!

Crazy logic, right? We are waiting to see his scientific reference for this “solar wall” and how a “solar wall” on the Mexico border would generate up to $ US 20 billion that is the estimated entry point cost. The entire project could eventually cost upwards of 60 billion dollars.

Maybe next thing Trump will write that the Mexico border wall will operate as a tourist attraction and the fees collected from the Wall visitors will be refunded to the tax payer! Keep watching his Twitter feed, maybe he’s already tweeted it. I hope I’m not giving him further clues and excuses.

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Image credit: Yournewswire