Trump Bans Journalists From Taking Cameras To Press Briefings, CNN Takes Sketch Artist

Pencil Sketch by Bill Hennessy, CNN

Journalists covering the White House may as well keep away their fancy cameras as they won’t be needed anymore. The Trump administration, in a first move of its kind has banned Cameras, photography or filming of the Press briefings at the White House.

CNN is among the first to take the hint and today as the camera ban took effect, the Cable Network had a sketch artist at hand who made a pencil drawing of Sean Spicer addressing the journalists.

Trump’s administration has been extremely hostile towards main stream media, branding CNN, The New York Times, MSNBC and others as “Fake News Media.”

The President is said to favour alternative media sources and is a fan of Alex Jones of He is also a big fan of right wing news site and also is fond of Fox News. He normaly retweets and gives shout outs to Fox and Friends on Twitter.

The current clampdown on news reporting from the White House will worry political pundits and the latest camera ban may actually be indefinite as Trump has not explained if it’s a temporary measure or not.

Trump has constantly complained the media is unfair to him and once claimed that “the media is the number one enemy of the American people.”


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