Russia Probe Could Be Taking A Heavy Toll On Trump’s Health, Says New Report

The Russia probe could be taking a heavy toll on Donald Trump’s health, a new report by the Washington Post reveals.

The President, according to the report is on the phone almost every morning at 6:30 am, talking to his legal team about the “Russia thing.”

The early morning calls are reportedly about strategy, about the special counsel, and about how to tackle what Trump’s administration calls “fake news media.”

The Washington Post reports that “Trump is struggling to stay calm on Russia.” Reports say:

some in the White House are concerned by the President’s fits of rage and Trump’s long time friends say his mood has been more sore than at any point since they have known him. They privately worry about his health, noting that he appears to have gained weight in recent months and that the darkness around his eyes reveals his stress.

Just a few weeks ago, there were reports that Trump had yelled and threw an item at a television set when he was watching the news and got offended by a news report. The White House did not elaborate what Television Station he was watching or what news report it was.

They did not even comfirm or deny that the event took place leaving the whole incident to be widely speculated.