Nigel Farage Angrily Cries Out To The Government To Appoint Him As British Ambassador To The United States

Nigel Farage’s radio show on LBC yesterday left listeners in total shock as he nearly had a break down on air and cried out to the Government to appoint him as the British Ambassador to the United States.

He claimed he has the total support of Donald Trump and knows most of the people in Trump’s administration.

Speaking on Brexit Means Brexit programme, he said: “Trump has suggested that i become the UK’s ambassador to washington. Sensibly, I do know a lot of that team who are taking quite senior places in that administration,” he said.

“I have known some of them for years, surely there’s something i can do to help cement relations between an administration in Britain who have been rude about Trump and him as the incoming President. I mean, common sense says there’s something i can do,” he added.

Farage then went on to claim that Theresa May and some members of the Government have sabotaged his ambassadorial job prospects but all he ever wanted to do was to help make the “special relationship” stronger.

Nigel Farage’s open appeal to the Government to offer him the Ambassador job comes after speculation that the Democratic Unionist Party is including Nigel Farage’s situation in their negotiations with Theresa May to form a coalition.

The Democratic Unionist Party is according to uncomfirmed reports demanding 2 billion pounds sterling to invest in their NHS and also are demanding that Nigel Farage be given a senior role in the coalition Government or Brexit negotiations.

Senior members of the Conservative Party are adamant to give Nigel Farage a senior role after he accused them of stealing his “Brexit work” and stealing his “voters and supporters”.

Nigel Farage also revealed that since the divisive Brexit saga, he has received 10 death threats and lots of nasty letters.