Outrage After Man Dangled Baby From 15th Floor Apartment To Get Facebook Likes

An Algerian man dangled a baby out of a window in a high rise apartment demanding to get 1000 Facebook Likes or drop the baby.

It caused immediate outrage as his friends on facebook immediately alerted the authorities and demanded his arrest.

According to the BBC news report, the culprit is a relative of the baby who claims that he was playing a game and that the baby was safe and unharmed.

However, the judge rubbished his claim and warned him that the incident could have ended tragically and sentenced him to two years in jail.

The baby’s father however is asking the court to forgive the culprit.

Psychologists say the baby could be traumatised by the event for the rest of his life even though the incident happen at a very young age.

This highlights the growing internet addiction where people are willing to go to extreme lengths to get attention on social media.

Facebook has on a few occassions become a haven of attention seeking criminals who have commited heinous crimes on Facebook Live broadcasts.