Michael Bloomberg Has BAD NEWS For The Democratic Party! Very Bad News!

Former New York City Mayor and billionaire Philanthropist Michael Bloomberg has given his measured analysis saying the Democratic Party is in peril and they must change their strategy to prevail.

In a chilling prediction, Bloomberg said that Trump had a 55% chance of being re-elected in 2020 because the Democratic Party was in disarray.

He said even if there is an uproar against Trump, half of America loves Trump as much as half hates him and if the Democratic party fails to get clear leadership, then Trump will win again in 2020.

Following Jon Ossoff’s loss in the special election for Georgia’s 6th District, Bloomberg said it went to show that “all the money in the world can’t buy an election.”

He also mentioned that Ossoff’s loss shows that the Trump support base is still behind Trump and his agenda. Trump will be using Karen Handel’s win as his victory too. Already Trump has been tweeting about it and taunting his opponents on Social media.

Bloomberg also slammed Trump and said “he should stop tweeting and run the Government” and also criticised Trump’s Climate Change denialism saying it’s “an embarassment.”

Bloomberg is a fierce critic of Trump and campaigned vigorously for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US Presidential elections. He was a key speaker then at the Demcratic National Convention where he called Trump a “Demagogue and dangerous man not fit to be President.”


  1. How could he be re elected in 2020? I think with all they find in the investigation and such he may be gone by the end of 2017, if someone doesnt shoot the sob 1st. Bloomberg wants us to get together and be behind #45. I had respected Bloomberg but now he can go fuck himself.

  2. The Democrats must come through with an authentic presence which speaks to the concerns of all citizens. It has to define itself and not against the Republicans. Pointing out how awful the other opponents are is off-putting and doesn’t work. They should most certainly steer away from playing the Republican game, as Democrats are no good at it. We genuinely want to make life better and relieve suffering wherever possible. This is something the Republicans have ZERO interest in, in fact, they strive to create hardship.

  3. The Dems do have a platform and policies which would help Americans to have a better economy, more jobs, and fairer health care, education, etc. Essentially the Democrats believe that everyone should be taxed with the larger tax on the richer folks and the lesser taxes on the poorer folks. Those tax monies should NOT be spent on “Trickle Down” payments or tax cuts to the wealthy and corporate entities of our 1% top most wealth. Instead, those tax dollars should be spent providing for the needs of the US People. That means education, re-education, jobs, and healthcare that is affordable —-like direct payor. Also it should fund reasonable safety net programs for the vulnerable in society: those too old, young, ill to work.

    And….Democrats want to invest in infrastructure so that there are more well paid jobs for average workers doing things to improve our nation with their infrastructure repairs, builds, remodels. Proposed investments include solar, wind, tidal sources of renewable energy.

    Lastly, Democrat policies should institute fairness in work and pay for women, care for the children of working families, and invest in our libraries and public education resources as well as research, science and climate change. Democrats have in mind legislative changes to insure that it is a person who votes, not corporate monies (Repeal and Replace “Citizens’ United”), Their agenda includes investment in protecting the disabled in our society and insuring that they have a chance to thrive and grow as all of us do. This puts America on a path to prosperity and equality.

  4. Bloomberg if he’s really batting for Democrats ought to forget about message and spend all his time focusing on fair elections- ending gerrymandering, jim crowe tactics, cyber hacking with foreign help, and dark money influence.
    Americans only have two choices, Republican or Democrat, period- and right now Republicans control virtually the entire country at both the Federal and State levels. The corruption and abuse of power with one party controlling everything is as inevitable as the sun rising, as well as the subsequent public backlash. The pendulum will swing back when Americans become disgusted and unelect the current crew, and Trump is definitely helping things along with his greed and bizarre appointments.

    It will swing back that is, if the elections remain fair and democratic with a small “d”. Unfortunately many of us are starting to doubt if they are anymore :/

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