BoJo Vs JoJo: Boris Johnson Is Officially Withdrawing From The Tory Leadership Battle After “Betrayal” By His Younger Brother Jo

Boris Johnson and His brother Jo Johnson

Boris Johnson, the “heir apparent” to Theresa May is officially withdrawing from the Conservative Party leadership battle as his younger brother Jo Johnson is being given masive support and propped up by influential Tory MPs who have snubbed Boris Johnson saying he has become a very “divisive figure” in the Conservative Party.

Boris Johnson has been openly preparing to become leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of the U.K but the sudden and unexpected rise and popularity of his younger brother has serious dented his political ambitions.

Jo Johnson is said to be receiving full and total support from David Cameron’s allies who feel that Boris Johnson “shafted” Cameron during Brexit, making a U turn on the Remain camp and campaigning against David Cameron’s position. By pushing for Brexit, Boris Johnson calculated that David Cameron would be forced to resign and he (Boris) would automatically become Prime Minister but at the very last minute after the Brexit vote, Tory MPs refused to back Boris Johnson and the dynamics of power shifted leading to Theresa May taking over as Prime Minister.

Since the disastrous performance of Theresa May in the General Election, Boris Johnson has been pretty much laying strategy to become PM as the Tories are now openly planning to push out Theresa May if her Brexit negotiations don’t deliver a better deal.

Jo Johnson has refused to comfirm or deny his Prime Ministerial ambitions but with in the Tory Party circles he is now the “crown prince” as Boris Johnson finds himself with no allies.

In an uncomfirmed report, Boris was reportedly pleading with his younger brother Jo, saying: ” I expect you to stand behind me, not against me.”

Boris has however not totally given up his Prime Ministerial dreams, he comfirmed he will be making a come back to contest for leadership in 2019, once Brexit has been completely negotiated.